dynamic hgh review

Dynamic HGH Review: 

Dynamic HGH is a pre-workout supplement that  contains an effective blend of natural ingredients known to help stimulate human growth hormone (HGH) as well as testosterone production.

Dynamic HGH claimed that it formula can help accelerate fat loss, increased lean muscle mass and energy levels.

There wasn’t much information online about Dynamic HGH, so we’ve analyzed the ingredient list to determine its effectiveness. Which testosterone boosters 2018 would you buy?

What is Dynamic HGH and what does it claim to do?

Dynamic HGH is manufactured Olympian Labs and was founded in 1992 with the aim of helping people to achieve optimal health, well-being, and balance.

Olympian Labs is one of the fast growing nutritional supplement company and are consistently manufacturing high quality and effective products in a state-of-the-art facility according to current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Olympian has over 270 dietary supplements to over 7,000 select health food retailers worldwide.

Dynamic HGH, as the name imply is designed to raise the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), as well as testosterone levels.

Olympian Labs also claimed that Dynamic HGH helps promote muscle gains, strength and energy.

Does Dynamic HGH actually work?

Olympian Labs claims that Dynamic HGH contains ingredients that safe and effective, but it seems like these ingredients are all hidden inside a proprietary blend – we don’t know the exact doses of each ingredient. So, how can we really know if it is effective or not?

To answer this question, we’ve to analyze its contents to see whether it is effective.

Dynamic HGH does not contain HGH, it’s only intended to support healthy and natural production of HGH within the body.

The ingredients are listed below:


L-Arginine Pyroglutamate, L-Lysine Powder, Mucuna Pruriens Extract (seed), Melatonin

Dynamic HGH contains L-arginine, but L-arginine known to be ineffective in raising nitric oxide levels due to poor absorption rate. L-arginine hasn’t been well-studied, so it’s not likely to have significant effects on your HGH levels at all.

Next under this section is L-Lysine, L-Lysine is mainly used for its ability to reduce symptoms of herpes simplex. There’re no scientific studies that prove its effectiveness in boosting testosterone levels.

Macuna Pruriens might be added to Dynamic HGH due to the fact that it’s high L-Dopa content, as L-Dopa is also believed to increase testosterone and HGH levels. Is Dynamic HGH better than Testogen?

However, Macuna Pruriens hasn’t been proven to have testosterone boosting properties. It’s only effective to boost libido and sex drive.

Finally we have Melatonin, which is commonly used to aid sleep. Olympian Labs claimed it also helps increase HGH levels, but there ain’t no prove to back this up. There are a few brands that are alright.


Deer Antler Velvet, Cinnulin PF® (Cinnamomum burmanii) (bark), Vanadyl Sulfate.

The only ingredient we are looking at, in this section is Cinnamon.

Can’t really tell why Olympian Labs added Cinnamon to the ingredient list. Cinnamon has no testosterone properties, it’s is very impotent for it to be added to Dynamic HGH. This can lead’s to Cinnamon allergies to some users.

Dynamic HGH doesn’t have enough effective ingredients. The only ingredient that seems to show noticeable effect is Melatonin.

Some user’s had reported an improve in sleep…both in quality and duration.

Dynamic HGH results depends on the individual. Most users also noticed increase in energy and focus.


How to take Dynamic HGH?

As a dietary supplement, it is recommended that you take 5 capsules daily on an empty stomach, one hour before bed time and with a glass of water.

Olympian Labs recommends you should skip two days after five days of usage. Dynamic HGH should be used for 3 months for optimal results.

Dynamic HGH Side effects?

There hasn’t been any reported side effects so far, Olympian Labs claims it is 100% natural ingredients. But

Dynamic HGH contains proprietary blend that is shown as one quantity — it is very hard to know the exact doses of each individual ingredient inside..

The problem is, you might get sensitive to some of the ingredients inside, resulting in increased risk of side effects.

Cinnamon is the only ingredient that comes with the risk of side effects to those that are allergic to it.

Dynamic HGH Ingredients? 

*L-Arginine Pyroglutamate: This is simply a mix of L-Arginine and Pyroglutamate that’s believed to raise Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and testosterone levels.


*Macuna Pruriens Extract: This is also known as Velvet Bean, and it is mostly used to treat erectile dysfunction. It’s also helps boost libido and sexual performance.

*Deer Antler Velvet: Also known as Velvet Antler. This is a very fine fur, including the skin and fur on a deer’s antlers (a branching and bony structure on the head of deer).

it’s traditionally used in Chinese medicine for it numerous health benefits, but there’s no evidence to prove that it can actually increase HGH levels.

*Cinnamomum Burmannii Bark: Also known as Cinnamomum varum or Cinnamomum zeylanicum, belongs to the family Lauraceae.

Cinnamon is a small evergreen tree native to Sri Lanka and southern India and also several related trees, notably the Indonesian cinnamon and Chinese cinnamon. It was added into Dynamic HGH due to its ability to prevent blood sugar levels in the body.

*Vanadyl Sulfate: Vanadyl is extracted from the mineral — Vanadium, and is believed to improve muscle mass and vascularity when consumed in 30-50mg doses.

Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Silicon Dioxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose (Plant Fiber), and Ascorbyl Palmitate.

Dynamic HGH Price?

Dynamic HGH can be purchased from many online outlets. Prices can vary from site to site, and range from $30 to $60 for a bottle of 150 capsules.

Dynamic HCH is relatively cheap and doesn’t come with a money back guarantee.


Overall results are 4/10. Dynamic HGH does not contain ingredients that are known to assist HGH production. Also the use of proprietary blend makes it very hard to know if is really effective or not.

I won’t recommend Dynamic HGH to anyone. The best you can get from this product is, quality sleeping.

If you have trouble sleeping ….give Dynamic HGH a shot!